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Lauren & Oliver

"Esther was brilliant at learning about us and using the details to make the ceremony truly ours. We were lucky to have her as the celebrant for our wedding."

Brilliant Review for Steampunk Celebrant Stage Performer Entertainer Producer Copyrighted bespoke unique script experience 5*

Alana & Aaron

"After covid meant our wedding was cancelled twice, re-planning a third attempt was more stressful for fear of another cancelled attempt. We had officially gotten married, but not had our wedding, so needed to find a celebrant. 
We saw Esther’s profile and our first instinct was that she was entirely the right person for our service.
 We had planned a gothic-esque wedding with pagan touches and felt Esther would matched with this. 
On the first meeting, we knew our instinct was right: Esther was so open to our ideas and what was special to us. She really engaged in that, by going home and researching places and things we had spoken about.
 She was encouraging and helped me find the excitement and joy in wedding planning again. She was in regular touch, offering help and support all the way.
 The ceremony she wrote was absolutely perfect. It was heartfelt, genuine, warm, and 100% us. Her attention to detail and passion for her job shone through as there was not a single thing my self or my husband would have altered. Massively huge thank you, Esther, I am entirely certain when I say that nobody could have done a job as good as or better than you did for us."

Incredible 5* review Alternative Celebrant "Finding Esther was like finding diamond in the sand.  We dreamt of a mythological

Tony & Anthony

 "We know we are never going to be a conventional couple!

 Finding YOU was like finding a diamond in the sand. We dreamt of a mythological/enchanted theme at the Sea Caves, Ayia Napa.

 To have our ceremony on the Island of Love by someone presented as a Goddess to call upon the Greek God’s Blessings would be a dream come true for us.
Esther saw our vision and excited us with her passion for manifesting our intimate ceremony. 
We had the option of consultation through video chat or meeting up for brunch in Little Venice London. We went for brunch! 
We already knew over the phone that Esther was ‘The One’. She was enthusiastic to hear what we wanted personally, gave us options and ideas, was flexible, a good listener, and a creative storyteller.
We felt like we had met her years ago!
 I can't recommend Esther enough, she’s genuine, warm, authentic, and professional with a heart full of love! 
A true Master at what she does."

Best Cosplay Costumed Wedding Celebrant Stage Performer Entertainer Producer Writer 5* Review incredible bespoke service

Simon & Angela

"Thank you for the incredible ceremony experience. 
We wanted a bespoke Comic Book wedding relaxed with lots of laughs and you didn't disappoint!

Phil & Kylie

"We cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond our expectations!
We threw you under the bus with an Interfaith ceremony with added complications and you blew us all away!
All our guests were impressed with the research you must have done to get that humour spot on!
You took the stress and worry out of our day so we could relax and enjoy it.
Thank you for an unforgettable Ceremony!"

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