Wedding Rituals

Rituals are an act of love and commitment.
Your wedding day, as modern as it may be, is steeped in tradition. 
The bride's veil is an ancient custom dating over 6000 years old. 
The Wedding cake, again as old as the Iron Age. 
 In China the ancient custom of the Tea Ceremony still is the central part of the Wedding.
The Mexicans and Spanish colonies have a custom of making a figure 8 out of 
These rituals symbolize the union between two people, two families, uniting communities, and strengthening your circle.
Ancient and modern Wiccans and Druids are known to practise ‘smudging of sage and herbs to cleanse the air, keeping the positive energy around the couple.
Ancient Celtic Britain had an Oathing Stone they would present their vows to.
Some would like to show reverence to nature symbolizing their spiritual connectedness,
 and may start their ceremony with a gong or stand in a circle of rose petals.

Every ritual can be personalised to suit you both.
Feel free to have a muse.

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Ring Warming

Believed to be an Irish or Gaelic wedding ceremony tradition, the warming of the rings takes place when the couple’s wedding bands are passed around starting with the Matron of Honour, to the parents, other close-knit family members, to eventually the Best Man, during the ceremony.
Each person is asked to briefly hold the rings in their hands while also saying a short, silent prayer, a wish or a blessing for the couple.
This can be said out loud if the couple wishes it. The rings are returned to the couple with blessings and positive energy for a long,
happy marriage.

This flows best after the Vows, before the Ring Exchange.

What you will need:
Both your wedding rings.
In a dish or a box together. (Or both on a ribbon or cord that I will twine together.)

Hanfasting Ritual LGBTQ Wedding ceremonies alterntive celebrant public speaker entertainer naturist humanist holistic bespoke


This involves binding the couple’s hands together with ribbons or cords to symbolize their union.
In ancient times, handfasting was used in place of a marriage license before weddings were
recognized as legal responsibilities of the government and church.
I can include your close-knit circle too in this, signifying their support in your union)
A very powerful ritual, thousands of years old, it is still practised, at Royal weddings. As well as Medieval, Pagan, and Viking Ceremonies, all over the world, and made famous by Viking Movies.
This flows well before the vows or before the ring exchange. 


What you will need:
Handfasting Cord (available on Etsy, you can choose your own design) 

Hanfasting Ritual LGBTQ Wedding ceremonies alterntive celebrant public speaker entertainer naturist humanist holistic bespoke

Breaking the Bread

Wedding ceremony rituals involving bread are popular in many cultures. Bread often symbolizes
prosperity. So, parents or guests offer the couple a special loaf of bread in the hope that
they'll never go hungry.
I personally like the idea of involving the fathers here. Breaking the Bread. Exchanging the
pieces. It symbolizes the depth of their personal blessing in your union and their blessing for your prosperity.

This can be done while I read out:
"Bread, that this house may never know hunger. Salt, that life may always have flavour. And
wine, that joy and prosperity may reign forever.“

What you will need:
A loaf of Bread! (i suggest a short baguette shape loaf)
It doesn't matter what is done with bread, it's the symbolic ritual that counts!

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Jumping the Broom 

This tradition dates back to the 1800s and is believed to have origins in western African
weddings and Wiccan communities. It symbolizes sweeping away your old lives and welcoming
your new life together! 

Jumping the broom takes place at the very end of the wedding ceremony after I make the 
the pronouncement, you are now Mr & Mrs.....  
You newlyweds jump over a broomstick!!! 

 What you will need:
Any broom you want!
This can be decorated by your florist, but I quite like the idea that family members, your close 
circle, each tie a ribbon around it and knot it. You can choose colours of ribbon that represent your  Again, your choice.
 Do what is meaningful and memorable to you both. 

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Unity Candle Ritual

The wedding ceremony ritual of lighting a unity candle, which again, represents the joining of two people and their families.
Traditionally the mothers each light a Taper candle, these taper candles are placed next to a pillar candle that remains unlit throughout the ceremony. They are invited to do this after the processional. Once lit we proceed with the ceremony.
After the couple exchanges their vows, they light the pillar candle using the flames from the taper candles, signifying several generations of commitment.

After the Ring Exchange, the couple take their mother’s candle and light the pillar candle together. A powerful moment between the couple, with ancestral blessing. 
What you will need:
1 Tall Pillar Candle &2 Taper Candles 

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Sword of the Rings

 The ancient custom of exchanging the 'family dagger' was passed to the son-in-law by the head of the family on the wedding day.
Daggers, swords, and shields symbolised the family or settlement. A valuable possession that would be passed down generations.
There is so much material I could add here! For the sake of sticking to the subject, if you are interested in history, mythology and magic, then please do check out the web for an incredible insight into the world that was, and we can recreate it for you!
I've named this  'Rings of the Sword' but you may use a family heirloom or something you do wish to pass on, making this event even more magnificent.
Rings are placed on your chosen 'weaponry' signifying strength unto death, that together you are bounded by the fire that created them.
That your Union will be revered as a legacy throughout generations.

This flows best after the Vows, before the Ring Exchange.

What you will need:

 Both Rings and 'Sword, Dagger, Shield or your chosen Heirloom.

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Tree Planting Ceremony

I believe there are different meanings to all couples who choose this ceremony.
You may decide to plant a sapling as a couple starting a new fresh life together. To watch it grow together, a blessing from your wedding day.
You may want to invite your children to be involved in watering the tree. Many couples use this ritual as it signifies that children are also part and parcel of this marriage, and they are valued.

For some, trees symbolize strength and longevity.
 They withstand the storms. The roots are strengthened by the harsh winds and the tests of time.
It needs nourishment, the sun, soil and rain for it to grow tall and proud.
A favourite with nature lovers and families.
Perfect for outdoor ceremonies, but still totally doable indoors!

This flows best before Ring Exchange!

What I need:
A sapling, a pot full of soil, a soil scoop, watering can 1/5 full.

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Love Letter Ritual

  Also known as Time Capsule, is the
 Love Letter Ritual.
This is a newer wedding ceremony ritual, it's romantic and a great way of keeping your memories.
Before the wedding, you and your spouse write love letters to each other and then seal or lock
them inside a box during the ceremony. Traditionally, the letters are accompanied by a bottle of
your favourite wine or champagne—and any other mementoes you want to save as a keepsake.
You'll eventually open the wine box or time capsule at a later date, such as an anniversary or life
milestone. Love letters, keepsakes, post-it notes, and photos together can be included.

I believe this flows better after the vows.

What you will need:
A Wooden/Steel Box,3 nails, a hammer
Love letters, notes, and keepsakes, anything that means something to you as a couple.

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There are so many other things you can do to really personalize your ceremony.
These are humble acts of your commitment, 
In Mexico, a flower garland is made into a figure of 8 and draped over the couple during the ceremony.
The Celtic tradition of a Sundial ceremony is a powerful ritual and an opportunity to include an ancestral blessing.
The ancient Cherokee would wrap the couple in individually in blue blankets during the ceremony, then before the end, unwrap them and place a white blanket over their shoulders representing their new life together.
Some couples like to release butterflies or doves.
I've heard of couples who wash each other's feet during their ceremony.
If you want to be really ALTERNATIVE and feel super brave, sing to your other half on your wedding day your favourite song!  Just before the First Kiss!
Perhaps arrange a surprise choir to sing your vows with you.
An invocation to the sound of drums is super for dramatic effect.
Maybe you dream of acting out your favourite romantic movie scene.
If you want something fun, perhaps have a Cocktail Ritual or a Sand Blending Ceremony, the possibilities are endless


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