Trans Ceremony


Being a humanist, I advocate for and support LGBTQ and the Human Rights of Individuals.

As a cult survivor, I have escaped an arranged forced marriage and was disinherited, shamed and shunned by the only family and community I had known.
Finding and owning oneself is a long road of twists and turns, ups and downs, highs and lows, happy moments, and very often, unspoken traumas.

Is it not fitting to celebrate the embracement of your identity?
This ceremony is a public declaration of your identity, an acknowledgement of your confidence for a bright future shining as the individual you are! 
In fact, of all the ceremonies, this couldn't be more unique!

Best Trans Ceremonies by LGBTQ Celebrant declaration of owning oneself bright future rename human right public speaker/entert

Spectacularly Alternative Ceremonies

 for Alternative Lifestyles

Fully Insured Public Speaker / Producer / Entertainer /  Stage Manager / Writer / Dementia Champion / Montessori Teacher / Namaste Practitioner

Every ceremony manifested and performed is created bespoke and personalised to you, and copyrighted, making it uniquely your own forever.

All the Wishes!

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