Comic Book Gothic Fantasy Steampunk Movie themed personalised bespoke wedding ceremonies celebrant entertainer

Whatever your style, have YOUR story bespoke, and personalised to reflect YOU!

Comic Book Fan? Superhero fan? Antihero?  
Have your ceremony written by professionals weaving your story into your favourite characters and performed in costume by a professional alternative celebrant.

Fantasy Cosplay Steampunk Movie Themed Wedding Ceremony by alternative celebrant entertainer stage manager performer unique

We love a challenge and let our imaginations run wild!

Trans Ceremonies UK LGBTQ Celebrated Here bespoke personalised unique to you Alternative Celebrant Entertainer Stage Manager

Movie Themed Happily Ever Afters!

Fantasy: If YOU can dream it, we can do it!

Pagan Viking Mythology personalised wedding ceremonies alternative celebrant entertainer stage manager public speaker unique

Pagan Ceremonies are a favourite, some clients prefer subtle reverence to nature and the cosmos, others are drawn to mythology, and magic, while some are specific in their invocations to particular Gods, Goddesses and Deities.
Hours of research are conducted thoroughly, to give you as authentic or as fantastical as you wish!

Gothic Steampunk Pagan Disney Comic Book Wedding Ceremonies Alternative Celebrant Entertainer, Performer, Stage Manager, Auth

Steampunk Ceremonies are a favourite with clients who love the industrial neo-victorian of Jules Verne Fantasies!

We have worked on fusions of Steampunk with Gothic Undertones and vice versa.

It all depends on your personal style!


Disney Fantasy Wedding Ceremonies Alternative Celebrant, Maleficent, Shrek's Fairy Godmother bespoke personalised unique !

From Disney and Movie Themed happily ever afters!

Fantasy: If YOU can dream it, we can do it!

Star Wars Wedding Ceremonies Alternative Celebrant Entertainer Performer Bespoke unique to you Stage Manager Author Writer

If the spirit is strong with you then you know it makes sense! 

Imagine your wedding bespoke and personalised. Your story is interwoven with Star Wars Costumed Celebrant with a script Disney would bow to!

Geek Gamers Punk Wedding Celebrant Entertainer Performer Stage Manager creates bespoke personalised unique to you ceremonies

Yes, Gamers!

Whether Resident Evil, Warcraft or your style choice we love a challenge. We research your favourite characters and blend in your stories to bring you a spectacular ceremony.

Hallowwen Gothic Fun Wedding Ceremonies Alternative celebrant Entertainer Performer Stage manager Bespoke Personalised unique

Halloween & Spooky Wedding Ceremonies are a lot of fun!

Enjoy our slideshow!

Day of the Dead Wedding Ceremonies Alternative Celebrant Entertainer Performer Stage Manager Bespoke Personalised Unique UK

Day of The Dead Wedding Ceremonies inspired by Mexican origins! 

It brings bright colours to the table if you want to follow the narrative, or stay moody and whimsical like Tim Burton's Nightmare before Xmas style.

Whatever your style, have YOUR story bespoke, and personalised to reflect YOU!

'This Is Your Life!' Celebrant Entertainer Public Speaker Stage Manager Bespoke Personalised unique event creation

Did you Know?

There are 995 words that describe the word Ceremony.
That is before I add your personalities. 
Your interests, your loves, your hates, your hopes, your dreams.

Alternative ceremonies by Alternatice Celebrant Stage Performer Public Speaker Entertainer copyrighted unique bespoke persona

What Our Clients Say...

Why count on us to deliver results?
Because our company is more than just a business. Each person brings something different to the team, but there are a core set of values we all share. 

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''I am always working on something. 
Most of the time I am focused on getting results for my clients. 
But every so often I get the chance to experiment with new concepts and ideas.  
And because every ceremony, every couple is unique, this keeps it fresh and exciting for me too!''

All the Wishes!


An extensive library of literature and researching timelines, documentaries for alternative ceremonies entertainer producer

Spectacularly Alternative Ceremonies

 for Alternative Lifestyles

  Public Speaker/Fully Insured.

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